Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ok Kind of Scary But Cool

Letting Nature Be the Architect an artical written by Kevin Bullis.
This artical is either A) one of the coolest things on the planet or B) one of the scariest things on the planet. Let me explain, did you grow up watching those cartoons that had a crackpot scientist that created nanotechnology and all his little microscopic robots could basicly form anything and regenerate themselves? That always freaked me out. It seems as thought a man smarter than myself by the name of Kenneth Sandhage of the Georgia Institute of Technology has figured out how to use single celled algae or diatoms to make micro prosessors and other technology. He uses the amazing reproductive ability of these little guys then coats them with materials such as titanium dioxide (AKA titania) which has the ability to conduct electrisity and withstand heat. After this he is able to create nano prossesors very fast and very powerful. Tech is getting smaller and easyer to create, but hopefully this does not turn down the road of a large robot comprized of a ton of little robots that can morph their hand into a drill or something else ominous. Check out the article it is very cool. (

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