Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendo Wii came into E3 as t
he underdog and left as the company of intrigue. We all saw the conference and I know that I was excited about them announcing the next edition of one of the most popular and original games that Nintendo has ever put out, Super Smash Bros.. As I was watching I saw games come and go like Zelda Twilight princess and Metriod Prime 3. Although the excitement for the next installments of those amazing franchises was inevitably there I was disappointed in the end. There was no Super Smash Bros..... The scene was set for the dark and dank room across from E3 with a selected few people to announce one of the most anticipated games for the next gen console from Nintendo. Super Smash Bros Brawl was announced with not much being said on the new additions and only five new characters announced but it was enough. This Smash Bros. fanboy's whistle is officially wet. The confirmation of online multiplayer and how they were going to not use the gyroscopic tech of the Wii remote were a huge relief. The online multiplayer mode makes me just salivate. Now I can waste my life away playing Smash with all kinds of people that I don't know (its going to be awesome). The K.I.S.S. method of keep it simple stupid on the remote has always worked for Smash and contributed to its popularity. I was concerned how the Wii remote was going to work with it and they confirmed that old GameCube controllers will work and the clamshell for the Wiimote making it into a traditional remote will be utilized for SSBB. In short the same gameplay we know and love will continue. Although they did not say much they did show a video that answered some questions and also gave us some incite on the new features. Here are some pics of the new characters.

Zero Suit Samus.... (Come on, can Samus get any hotter?)

Pit.... (AKA Kid occurs. Who is with me that the Eggplant Wizard needs to be his version of Link's Ganondorf)

MetaKnight....(Although he looks cool and seems like he is going to kick some ass he is one character I am not that familliar with)

Wario....(Yes he does have a fart move and if the video is any indication it is powerful flatchalence )

Solid Snake... (Oh yeah 3rd party characters!!! Next thing you know the Masta Chief.)

As I said the video provided us with a few incites that were not officially released, like special moves of a rather large scale. In the picture with all the flashing lights we see Mario obliterating all in his path with an ungodly cool special move. They showed this one, Kirby boiling Mario, and Link doing some slashing through the Tri-Force. With new things like special moves and the choices of characters it is hard not to get excited about this new installment of Smash Bros.

What Characters would you like to see in the new game?

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