Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gear Of War Is A Series Of Tubes...

This is few of the achievements from Gears Of War, you got to give credit to Epic for their hilarious titles. They pay homage to other games and movies with achievements such as:
  • "I can't quit you Dom." The obvious Broke Back Mountain quote.
  • "My love for you is like a truck." From Clerks.
  • "Is it a spider?" Referring to sticking a 'nade on a opponent, The 'is it a spider' quote comes from the wildly popular Halo series, Red vs Blue.
  • "The Money Shot" Well... I think we've all seen a few "movies" this could be from.

There is a couple other notable achievements:

  • "A Series Of Tubes" This is my favorite of the bunch. If you don't know the reference it's from Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and a speech he gave on Net Neutrality. He says that the internet is quote, "...A series of tubes..." And that these tubes can get clogged. He claims that he was sent an email and didn't receive it till the next day because too many people were downloading movies/porn/music and other items that clogged the "tubes" and didn't let his email go through. Anyone with half a brain know this isn't true, and Mr. Stevens have been flamed all over the internet for his idiotic comments. Make sure to check out my earlier post on Net Neutrality that has got a great Halo 2 short "explaining" this whole mess.
  • "Dom-Curious" Now this one is just funny.

(Via: 360 Achievements)

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