Monday, November 30, 2009

Making A Hackint0sh. The Samsung N130

Update:  I've got WiFi working!  I bought a Dell 1397 B/G/N WiFi Half-Mini PCI-e card and it working perfect with OSX right out of the box.

A word of warning for anyone that is going to install OSX on to their N130, REPLACE THE ORGINAL HARD DRIVE.   If you wipe the factory hard drive it will be very hard to reinstall Windows if you every should need to. You'll need to buy a 2.5" SATA hard drive to replace the factory one.

My video on removing the case

Second: not everything works 'out of the box' in OSX. Audio, WiFi, and Ethernet DO NOT WORK, also the computer DOES NOT sleep like a normal Mac would when you shut the lid of the laptop. I was able to get audio working and I am buying a replacement WiFi card, one that is compatible with OSX. So then my only problem would be the computer not sleeping, but hopefully someone smarter than me is working to that.

First off I followed this guide to get 10.6 on to the N130. Gizmodo Hackintosh

That's well the easy part. The next step is upgrading to 10.6.2, which as I'm sure you know Apple disabled Atom support in 10.6.2 but there's an easy fix. Next just follow this guide to keep Atom support in 10.6.2 Meklort Guide

I've made a dedicated page on one of my personal sites to store the files you (and I) need to get the N130 working.

Now it gets hard... First off audio doesn't work, WiFi doesn't work, and Ethernet doesn't work. With some help I was able to get audio working perfectly headphone jack and all!
So you have to install tons of crap to get audio working but I guess it's worth it to have sound running...

1. Install Apple Developer Tools (Xcode) it's free from Apple but you have to have an Apple ID and download an 800MB file.

2. Next you need to install a crap ton of drivers, I don't know if they all work together or hell if just one is working but my audio is working and I installed them all. I don't remember the order, and I don't think it matters but you need to install:

- AzaliaAudio.pkg
- Full Sound 10.5.7.pkg
- HDAEnabler.kext
- VoodooHDA.kext

So that's a total of 5 files if you include Xcode. The .pkg will install themselves but kext files are drivers and I use Kext Helper B7 to install the kext files. After that audio should be working just fine, you might find the volume a little low so go to: System Preferences/Sound/Output you'll see a bunch of "Analog PCM #0" devices turn up the 'Master' and 'PCM' all the way up and that should help.

Edit: Here's a picture of Sound in Sys Prefs.  Unfortunately you know have tons of these "Analog PCM #0" devices...  The only two that seem to matter are the first two: 'Master' and 'PCM'.  Turn PCM all the way up, then select 'Master' and then set the volume at your desired level.  Another bad thing is, the PCM and Master reset every time you reset your computer...

Internet is still not working on my N130 but I have an external USB WiFi card that I found some drivers for so I'm using that for now. I also have my iPhone hacked and I use the built-in tethering to get internet on the go. The internal WiFi card (Realtek RTL8192E) I can't find support for, my plan is to buy a replacement card that works natively with OSX, and I'm still on the hunt for the "best" card for OSX. If you start looking for a card you'll need a Half Mini PCI-e WiFi card. The "Half" and "Mini" are import when looking, I've already bought 1 card that didn't fit...

Hope all this helps, if you need anything more just ask, I'll share what I find and please do the same.

Here Are My Resources:



AtlantaX said...

Very nice of you to post. Thank you. Do you ever think the Wi-Fi will work or will I have to replace card? If I have to pay for the card anyway, I was thinking about going for the Dell Mini since it seems that works pretty much flawlessly without swapping out hardware.

Jay said...

I'm thinking it might work at some point but the Dell Mini 10v sounds like a flawless OSX machine. I'd do that.

Brian Allen said...

Hi there,

So did you get the wireless working?

I think the Samsung N130 seems superior to the Dell Mini 10v, but want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I proceed with this one.

Also, did you upgrade to 10.6.2 yet? I notice that the mach kernel patch was out in merely 48 hours!

(here's a link in case you haven't already seen that one):

Once the N130 build is completely working soup to nuts (including h/w swap recommendations), I'd like to help get the word out about this one. It's not easy to find, actually.

I suspect because most people are heading towards the other models, partly because of a self-fulfilling critical mass and momentum over there.

Thanks for all your excellent work! You rock!!


Jay said...

WiFi not working yet, still trying to decide what card to buy. I've been running 10.6.2 since I started this project with no specific problems.

As of now I only need to get WiFi and "sleep" functions working when I close the lid.

Andy Martin said...

If it's any help, my N130 is working perfectly on 10.6.1 with (like you) just sleep being the big issue. I bought an Mvix Nubbin USB dongle which does the wifi perfectly for now until a driver for the internal card can be found.

My process was fairly similar to yours, I shall at some point soon post the process and link to yours - but it's really good to know there are other N130 OSX users out there in the wilderness !

Jay said...

Thanks a lot, any info or tips you can provide is great. I just bought a just bought a Dell 1397 B/G/N card and I'm waiting for it in the mail. I be sure and update my post if I get it working.

brizone said...

Hey guys,

I emailed Realtek about the 8192E, and this is what I got [quickly] received back (short and to the point):

Dear Brian,

Thanks for your email. RTL8192E does not support Mac OS. And so far Realtek does not have plan for it. If there's any question,please feel free to let us know. Thanks.


fwiw, here are the main strings on how some folks seem to have gotten the 8187B working (tho not yet tested for 10.6 yet). As you can see, folks were waiting for this solution for over 18 months. There are some gems in here that may lend insight into getting other related cards working. The first thread is the solution:

Note that the fix was ultimately about “hax [sic] device & vendor ID”, so there may be a quick fix for the 8192E if someone who understands how the device and Vendor ID stuff can jump in on this (?).

Here’s a thread on getting the 8192E working for Hackintosh, not much action since the original post in Aug 09:

Folks are working this for Suse:,


and Ubuntu:

Perhaps some of their info (eg. Vendor & Device IDs) may prove useful. Also, here’s the battle for the 8187B on the Toshiba Satellite:

OK, I’m going to link this around, and hopefully it’ll be useful to folks picking up the thread now or in the future.


Jay said...

Thanks again for the extensive homework Brian. I'll keep my fingers crossed to get the WiFi working but my new card should come in the mail early this week so I'll be busy getting that to work.

Gaulin said...

Followed the instructions and everything ran flawlessly. Just remember that you might need to go into your BIOS and enable the EDB setting. Without that enabled you will not be able to boot up properly. Sleep is really the only issue at this point. Thanks for posting the instructions.

Gaulin said...

UPDATE to my last comment. Looks like some of the newer N130s require you to use a slightly newer version of AzaliaAudio.pkg.. The version I found here works

Anonymous said...

Fantastic guide, thanks for this.
I've got my N130 all up and running and away from the shackles of Windows.

However my audio isn't working after following your guide, it displays HD Audio in the preferences pane, and the hotkeys make the volume go up and down and mute.. but nothing is coming out of the speaker.

I've also ordered one of those dell half height wireless cards off eBay for £9 - so should that work, I'm not *too* bothered about audio, but it would be an advantage to have Spotify working.

Any tips as to anything I've missed when installing the audio kexts?

Thanks again

Jay said...

@Nick I had that happen the first time too. I've edited my post with a small change in the sound guide. If that still doesn't work try reinstalling all the kext files.

Gaulin said...

@nick - I had the same audio issue. Just keep playing with the packages and files. I just kept reinstalling and trying different combos. Took a while but I ended up with working audio. Just keep at it.

Robert said...

Hi, I have N130 but with Atheros wifi card but still does not work (AR9285 Vendor 168C Device 002B) also my sound is not wokring i was trying everything :[ can you tell me whats your vendor & device ids ? mine is realtek vendor 10ec device 0269

Jay said...

Honestly I have no idea what the vendor ID is on my cards. I would highly advise replacing the WiFi card though as my new one works fine.

Dave said...

Got my N130 working perfectly -- I didn't even bother trying until I got the Dell 1397 card ($8 on eBay, can't argue with that!). Just installed it by restoring the install DVD to a USB stick and applying NetbookMaker. Everything works at that point except audio and sleep. Yes, even the internal LAN is working fine (running 10.6.2 via software update).

The audio I'm not too worried about, but at some point I'll get the kexts installed so it works. The killer feature for me to make this a perfect install is sleep. Any kind of sleep, even if I have to trigger it from the menu. Right now it'll happily go to sleep, but trying to wake it up results in a hang that can only be solved by removing the battery.

Ian said...

Awesome post - it was a life saver.
Any hits to getting the case off? Does the keyboard ribbon connector need to be disconnected? I cant seem to get the bottom of the case to pop off

Jay said...

I'll post a case removal video in a bit, dinner first. ;-)

luis felipe said...

where is the caseremoval video? :D

Jay said...

Alright here's the case removal video I promised:

Luis Felipe said...

Thanks for the video.. great tutorial!!!

Ian said...

Jay - Awesome. Thanks!

Ian said...

Jay - Awesome. Thanks!

holger said...

Do any other can set the brightness of n130? I have no idea how to manage.
Regards, Holger.

holger said...

I soved the brightness problem by setting the bios brightness from auto to manual and installed "shades". Quit simple. Now the trackpad seems to raise threshold as sometimes no action at all is possible until reboot. Still looking for wake-up solution. Any clues?

brizone said...

Jay, quick question: Do you know what Realtek audio chip is in your version of the N130?

Was it the ALC269, by any chance? Having a devil of a time finding a reliable spec on the N130.

I ended up getting the N140 for the additional speaker, HD size and slight CPU speed increase.

I did the retail install using Meklort's updated 0.8.3 RC5 and everything's working very well except the WLAN (ordered a Dell 1510 for that), sleep and audio.

Trying to work the definitive info.plist solution for the ALC269 using VooDooHDA on the N140 (have learned quite a bit about that project today), ergo the question.

(thread here, fyi: If you're using the ALC269, this may be useful for you too.


Jay said...

Sorry but I don't know which Realtek version I have. The specs are ridiculously hard to find for some reason on these models...

brizone said...

Ya, agreed. I ended up just checking out all the chips on the board when I had it apart one time to figure it out. What little info is actually out there is often conflicting or just way wrong.

Since you already installed a lot of audio drivers, it may show up in the system info (or it may just say Intel HD Audio).

If you happen to have it apart again, you might find it interesting to check out that chip, it's the one that's - not surprisingly - near the audio ports (lower right if you flip it upside down facing you).

Will advise (and post) when I play around with the VooDooHDA driver and get it working right.

Ripper_SG1 said...

If you get annoyed by the mid-level volume on start up, Its really easy to write a script to run on login.

/Applications/Utilities/AppleScript Editor
Type in: set volume 7
and press Run (set volume should turn bold blue) then Compile
File>Save as…
change File format to "Application" and save where ever you want.
Go to System Prefs.>Accounts>(user)>Login Items
Drag/drop script into list.

Can also unmount Windows drive on login (if anyone interested) in same script by typing:
do shell script "diskutil unmount '/Volumes/windows-drive-name'"
(including both " and ')

Ripper_SG1 said...

Correct code to unmount Windows drive on login (without getting a script error if you log out/login again where drive isin't mounted) is below:

tell application "Finder"
if disk "windows-drive-name" exists then
do shell script "diskutil unmount '/Volumes/windows-drive-name'"
end if
end tell

then save as above for sound script.

Felix said...

Hi there,

does anyone know how to resolve the sleep issue on the n130 now? I'm running snow leopard 10.6.0 and have fixed wifi, sound, ethernet, etc. But sleep is still not working...if there is no fix could someone maybe tell me how to keep it from going to sleep in the first place (both via lid closure and inactivity?)

Thanks a lot

brizone said...

Hi Felix,

Nuke the sleep on inactivity through your System Preferences, Energy Saver, Sleep settings (just set it to "Never").

I'll be finally have some time to put in some effort on the sleep function issue myself soon. Keep looking here for details, hopefully someone else may also make some headway on this one soon.

Haven't seen any posts from Jay in a long time, dunno if he ever solved that one either.

Never hurts to google around all the usual suspect sites as well, we're not the only ones working this issue...

Felix said...

Hey brizone and everyone else,

about the sleep issue..i set in on "never" in system preferences, but the n130 kept on going to sleep when i closed the lid. so i tried a lot of different things...until a clamshell kext gave me a kernel panic that messed everything i re-installed everything and now the microphone isn't working (it did before)...bought an external microphone, but's just not working. I tried a couple of different kexts which didn't really help. The microphone is listed under my input devices when i turn up the input volume i get a very high-pitched noise and then nothing.

Do your microphones work? anyone?

I would really appreciate the help, since I'm vey dependent on skype and really need a working microphone...and I don't want to go back to windows 7

Thanks a lot,


PhilippeBerlin said...

Thanks for the great post! Unfortunately I bought OS 10.6.3 in the shop - I failed to notice the tiny sticker on the bottom of the box. Does anyone know of a patch so that I can install directly from this version?


brizone said...

@Phillipe: I ended up installing 10.6.2 + updates with Meklort's NetBootMaker and NetBookInstaller 0.8.3 using a regular Mac OS install DVD. Meklort looks like he uploaded 0.8.4 RC1 to handle 10.6.3 at

@Felix: I'm taking another run @ the sound issues myself, I've been busy on other things and never worked that side of the install until now. Will advise on how this phase goes for me as I try to find the cleanest solution for the Realtek ALC269 on my N140.

Note the posts re: clamshell lid sleep kext, etc by Meklort, again. Were you using ClamshellDisplay.kext or LidSleep.kext?

Everybody should take note of Meklort's request for NBI testers at He's basically offering to work with us to work out specific bugs if we're willing to do a little lifting on our end...


brizone said...

@Felix, Another note from poster "N130" on the Meklort NBI Tester thread:

7. Sound: a. Full Sound 10.5.7. b. VoodooHDA.kext (18.07.09, 537kb) installed with Kext Helper b7. -> Speaker, Headphone ok, Micro not tested

So, maybe take a shot with that one...

PhilippeBerlin said...

@ brizone: Thank you for your reply. I managed to install 10.6.0 with NetBookInstaller 0.8.3 and then update to 10.6.2. Very helpful are the guides @

There seems to be an issue with NetBookInstaller 0.8.X running on Mac OS 10.6.3. In the end I prepared the drive on my old iBook running Leopard.

baabie said...

nice posts here, but i'm runng into some problem.
i can boot from my prepared usb pen with SL 10.6 and netbootmaker 0.8.4 rc 1. i can see the spinning wheel and then it shows a message to restart the computer in different languages. can someone help please?

baabie said...

ok me agian. i have got it running now with netbookinstaller 0.8.3
things that are not working:
*wifi -atheros AR9285
*sound -Realtek ALC269 //tried the kexts but no result yet
maybe someone direct me to the right kexts. thanks
otherwise all other parts working fine till now with 10.6.3 update.

PhilippeBerlin said...

@ baabie: Most problems, I had to find out myself, have already been touched in this blog...

* Atheros AR9285 (Not Realtek?) --> Go to ebay and get another card. (I just ordered a Dell card from HKG.)
* Realtek ALC269 --> Just re- and re- and re-install. I actually gave up after a while and then, suddenly, the sound was there.
*sleep --> Not much to be done. Set everything in Preferences and just never(!) close the lid.

baabie said...

yeah that's atheros! there are 4 different version of this samsung n130. the one i got is JA01DE - perhaps DE for german?! i bought in berlin ;)
the sound driver i tried but no luck. but usb sensheisser works fine. my usb wlan RTL8187 doesnt work either. it worked under iatkos v7. but i dont know to retriev the driver from the dvd and not i'm not sure if it will work under snow leopard.
i just use snow leopard for developing apps.

Roman said...

FINALLY!!!!!! There is a wifi kext for this damned n130 model!

First of all I don't know will this work with default IONetworking kext in snow leopard, because release I use, have modification of this kext:

Wifi kext is here (thnx to Skvo)

Works for me!! But my ethernet still not working =(

Thomas said...

Great post, really has helped me prepare, but I have ran into a problem!

I put the case back on, battery back in and the power switch isn't working. It's like there is a part missing but I cannot find it any where...doesnt help when you dont know what you're looking for either.

Anyone have a pic of what a working power switch should look like from the inside?

tessa said...

Hi, I've installed osx.6.0 on my n130 several times in the last week using your great guide. Unfortunately I'm not able to update to .6.1 or .2. Is there a new issue and fix?


ATZ said...

Thanks Roman for Wifi kext, however I am unable to install it (I am new to Mac)

Any advise how I can install this kext? Also do I need to do anything else to connect to the wifi or is it similar to windows whereby it will automatically show all nearby wifi connections?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for all the good work yet. My Samsung works fine on Snow Leopard. WiFi ist working with an Sitecom WL-364 - Wireless Network USB Micro Adapter 300N. It runs amazing fast. Ethernet isnt working yet. Webcam runs. I installed a BELKIN USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect to my iPhone 4 with Tethering this is working great!! I also connected my Apple Magic Mouse(Mighty Mouse Works too) via Blutooth.

Has anyone fixed Ethernet yet?

Greetz, macfiery

Anonymous said...

Any luck on wifi for realtek yet?

simon said...

Looks like its been quiet here for a while, have we given up on trying to get the N130 fully working. I am going to try and update to 10.6.6 and see if it breaks, anyone already tried it?

ATZ said...

I’m running 10.6.6 on my N310 (which is very similar to N130).


I suggest you run NetBookinstaller 0.85 before and after every update and then restart your netbook. Also in my experience it runs better if I update one at a time (i.e. 10.6.1, 10.6.2,... 10.6.6)

Good luck,

V1TrU said...

Great work, i'm writing from my new Notemac pro ;D
Just one thing: don't update over 10.6.1:
The modify apported by Netbook Installer, that allow to install 10.6.2 and highter, make the osx slow and instable.
The geekbench score will drop from 804 to 540 on n130 from 10.6.1 to 10.6.2
So I have installed only 10.6.1 manually, without using any tools. Also i have boughted a Dell Wifi card, so my "Mac" is able to do all except Sleep Mode, but i can survire without it. Cheers!

James Studdart said...

@Roman I have ethernet now 10.6.7 but I have no wifi? I have installed the KEXT using Kext Helper b7 2 but still no airport.

any help?


Jeremy said...

Got it working. No time at all. Used a 10.6.3 cd and had no problem! got audio working with posted drivers and programs and ethernet works! working on wireless adapter drivers. thank you!

Jeremy said...

Thank you so much! Used a 10.6.3 cd and it works just fine! got audio working with things posted and i didn't have to install xcode. Ethernet works and getting drivers for wireless adapter. Great guide!

jakeeh123 said...

Hi can you get mountain and lion for this
if not is it possible to install snow leopard or leopard but do the 10.(5/6).8 combo

Justin Winchester said...

I highly doubt you could get 10.7/8 to work since only 10.6 had the code for the Atom chip in it.

Peter Duvenhage said...

Hi Any luck on the Realtek 8192SE ktext?