Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The State Of Adidat.

Since starting Adidat 3 1/2 years ago a lot has changed, in my life and in the tech industry as a whole. Adidat has been my portal to get news that I find interesting out to people that find me interesting. But now with social media sites like, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, and the adoption of RSS feeds I am starting to see a decreased value in running a blog where I rehash news that I find elsewhere.

Although I know you will all dearly miss my attempt to be funny personal touch that I added to my stories, I invite you to come to join my on the afore mentioned social sites to keep up with me and the stories that I find interesting.

Digg (Social bookmarking site)

Twitter (Status updates in 144 character or less.)

Facebook (Social networking for friends or business)

Google Reader (An RSS reader, this will get you the best news for tech and gaming stories. This is how I get MY info.) will now link to my Google Reader page, so you can read all the stories I find interesting.


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