Sunday, September 18, 2005

Get a FREE Xbox 360...Or at least help me.

This is legit and inexpensive, at the most it will cost me $90 and at the least it will cost $56. Pretty cheap for a $400 machine. The way it works is:
1. You create an account, and sign up for only one offer. Offers range from credit cards, Video Professor, Blockbuster Online, and Columbia House DVD Club, etc...
2. After you sign up for an offer and you get credit for it, which takes about a week you have to get some of your friends to sign up. Depending on the offer and the price of the product, the number of friend it takes varies: For the free Xbox 360 you need 8 people to complete the offer. For the iPod Nano you only need 5 people.
3. So you see even if you pay off your friends it is still way cheaper than buying it yourself. I did the Blockbuster offer and it's $10 for the first month, which I will cancel before the first month is over, so it only costs me $10 bucks. So if I find 8 people to do it or even pay them off it only cost me $90. There is also a Video Professor offer and that's only $6, but it doesn't always show up.
4. Anyway, signup under me and help me out and then help yourself out by get your friends to join up!

Click here: FREE Xbox 360

P.S. If you don't believe me check out this blog post of a guy who already got a PSP. Here.


biggest buddy said...

I don't believe you or that guy. Go to hell!

biggest buddy said...

Do you think it is ironic the name of your blog is "adidat" ... it's almost adidas!

xbox is like having a computer at your house, but Jam-On-It thinks they are lame.