Sunday, September 18, 2005

iPod Nano and ROKR iTunes phone

Well it's time for me to play catch-up in tech news, I just started blogging and I'm already behind... The iPod Nano was unveiled early this week to replace the iPod Mini. A bold move by Apple seeing as the Mini is the number one selling MP3 player on the market today. Look at the comparative photos to see just how small the Nano is. Now on to the ROKR phone from Motorola and carried exclusively through Cingular. The phone has the ability to hold 100 songs and transfers are made on iTunes just like an iPod. The phone is a cool concept but, even Steve Jobs had trouble navigating through the menu. Oh well, if you want a "click wheel" buy an iPod.


biggest buddy said...
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biggest buddy said...

Perhaps it's not as daring of a move as you think... iPod Mini's have the metalic casing.. is that expensive? is the machinery used to make it expensive to use? perhaps even with the high market share, their profit margins are low with the Mini. Notice the Nano is plastic like old school Pods. Just a thought! LOL!

biggest buddy said...

Biggestbuddy has more to say. Look at this quote you wrote, "A bold move by Apple seeing as the Mini is the number one selling MP3 player on the market today."

That's stupid. Biggestbuddy was thinking about this today. There's a huge market of people who want the newest, coolest stuff (i.e. Jayman)... so they trade in not only their Mini, but all their Mini accessories, for a Nano.

Bold? Biggestbuddy thinks not. Please think through things before posting them. Biggestbuddy does not like inaccurate statements about technology - biggestbuddy loves technology (like powerpoint slides).

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