Wednesday, October 19, 2005

All new "My Xbox" at

Here's a look at two ways that you can see your stats: The top pic is from and the second is from the Xbox 360. From either place I can look at my stats for every game I've ever played, as well as any game my friends have played. Also, I can compare game stats of say Halo 2. I could look at Jayman007 vs Footlong Melman and see who has a higher rank, more head shot, killing spree's, assassinations, etc... I can do this all from the Xbox 360 console, or the new Xbox website.

The above pic show an example of how the achievements will be displayed, Although this is for the game Hexic HD ("As an added bonus, the full version of "Hexic HD," the Xbox Live Arcade puzzle game, will be included free of charge with every Xbox 360 System at launch. Designed by world famous Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov, "Hexic HD" will be preloaded on the Xbox 360 hard drive.") you get the idea. So basically all the cool features that Halo 2 had will now be available to every 360 compatible game.

Here's a pic of your Gamercard. You "Rep" is based on feedback from other members, so now all the A-holes on Halo 2 that cheat and kill themselves and what-not you don't have to play with anymore. Because you only play with people around the same Rep as you, so if some jackoff Gamertag: "ImOdHaLo" has a Rep of 1 star, you will not ever be put into a game with him if your Rep is say a 3 or 4. Your Rep is determined by feedback, finally all the feedback for cheating and everything else will begin to be of some use. The "Zone" feature is cool too, there's four different Zones: Pro, Recreation, Family, and Casual. Of course you could say what's to stop ImOdHaLo from going into the "Family" Zone and being a jackoff, well once again his Rep will. So if he goes in to the Family Zone he won't play a game with 8 year old little Tiny Tim because his Rep will be so much lower than Tiny Tim's. So from now on all the guys that everyone hates to play with, will be forced to play with each other in their own little circle of hate: enjoy.

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