Friday, November 04, 2005

No "Live" for PS3. Is Sony living in a Black Hole?

Suicide. If reports are true, then Sony is entering the next-generation battle without a central online gaming service. What? Why? Who—

According to OPM (via GamesFirst), online gaming on the PlayStation 3 will be left to the discretion of individual publishers—just like on the PS2. While some may argue that this gives publishers greater freedom to design a unique online experience, it also makes it difficult for Sony to control the quality of that experience. And from a gamer’s standpoint, it’s a real pain in the neck, since each publisher will require its own user account (and possibly fees).

With Microsoft blazing trails, and Nintendo showing promise, it’s hard to believe that Sony is so lackluster about jumpstarting a centralized online service. There’s no doubt that online gaming will be an essential component of next-generation consoles. Both Microsoft and Nintendo appear committed to making that a user-friendly experience. Sony on the other hand, well, it may have just turned its back on us…
(Via: Joystiq)

Well, Sony just shot themselves in the foot; who the hell wants to make a different account for EVERY game they play!!! That's a lot of user names and passwords to remember, I'll pay my $50 for a unified online component that's virtually lag free.

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