Friday, February 17, 2006

Superman 360, Looking sweet!

A really little guy in a blue suit? EA has released the first screenshot of Superman Returns: The Videogame. Little is known about this title, other than that it will coincide with a film release. Early reports suggest that the game will take into account that Superman is nearly invincible—a bonus when going up against giant missile-launching robots. Instead of managing a health bar, players must focus on keeping Metropolis and its citizens in tact. Bash the robo-bully? Or stop the missile? Your call. (Via Joystiq)

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footlongmelman said...

you can't even see superman in this screen shot. he is like the siz of an ant. I think old clark might have trouble with this guy. I know he's the man of steel, but this guy is made of steel and he is 20,000 X bigger.
But the game does look fun.