Thursday, April 13, 2006

Goldeneye on XBLA? Don't you wish...

Xbox 360 Central recently sparked a promising rumor, reporting that VGM Daily's Wednesday (4/12) podcast revealed "Microsoft [is] hoping to bring N64 title Goldeneye to XBLA." However, upon review, the interview with Xbox Live Marketplace team member Aaron Greenberg (featured in the podcast) casts a dark shadow on the possibility of Rare's classic reborn under the Xbox banner.Here's our transcription (via Conrad Quilty-Harper):

VGM: It was recently made clear both by Rare and Microsoft that all the Rare owned licenses are owned by you guys now. What's the likelihood of a game like Goldeneye that was on the Nintendo 64 showing up on Xbox Live? 'Cause that game would do rather well ... ohhh, there's the smile! 'Wait for E3!'

Greenberg: No, the smile was just that you guys are asking very good questions. So, here's the best way to answer that: I would say is that as far as I know we don't have plans to bring those types of games on Xbox Live Arcade ... Some of the games that were ... on the N64, those games were pretty large and are still gonna be pretty hard to distribute digitally depending on the title. I think even if you look at what Nintendo's planning on doing in this space ... it's 8- and 16-bit games, it's not 32- and 64-bit games. So yeah, we're excited to have Rare as a developer ... But we don't have a big strategy around bringing a bunch of those games in particular [to the XBLA].

(Via: Joystiq)

This would definately top Geometry Wars, it would be a total cash cow... Come on MS!

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