Friday, May 12, 2006

360 Dashboard Update Soon.

We got confirmation from Boris Schneider-Johne (Senior Product Manager Xbox Platform and Accessories, Microsoft Germany) that a huge Dashboard Update will arrive at the end of May!

Features include background downloading and having multiple downloads at once.
The user marks a file to download and it will be put in an active queue downloadlist. There are 6 slots reserved in that queue. They will be downloaded sequentially not in parallel! If the Xbox360 sees there is bandwith available it will boost the download speed up. During online sessions the downloads will be paused to garantee no lags. It's also possible to turn off the console, after powering it back on the downloads will resume. When a download finishes the user will get a message that it has been downloaded.

He also mentions that there will be a lot more features in there but it will be a surprise and he won't talk about it!

(Via: Xbox-Scene)

I can't wait for this, downloading is such a pain, downloading in the background should have been implemented from the start. I wonder what the other big surpise is?

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. I really think microsofr NEEDS to push forward with the gui functionality & lives gui, NON STOP.

Honestly, sonys gui from what i have seen is much more attractive. Not that 360s interface is bad, but i dont like wasted space. Espescially when browsing my pictures, music, or lists of things.

I love ms, but i NEED to see them allow direct copy of mp3 files (and oggs) to 360s drive. i cant stress that enough.

RSS feeds. Theres no way a virus can get in thru a text only rss feed. News, and more direct from MSN.COM...again... M S N . COM..... Were not giving business to compeditors, were helping a fellow ms site. Im not asking for net browsing at all. Simply rss feeds.

More configuration options. Picking colors is cool, but i wntt to adjust font size, and apply custom pictures of mine to the interface where i can.

While all of these things are currently possible, they require ms to "open up".

Custom gamer pictures like you mentioned would be great. The milti download is great.

Now, all i need is the ability to uninstall a game update which Rendered my college hoops 2k6 useless.