Wednesday, May 10, 2006

E3 Round-Up Part 3... Microsoft

Let's get this out of the way...

Here's a link to a much better version of the video strait from MS.

The Xbox Live Vision Camera. Features will include, video chat, video confrencing, and in-game use, like being able to really see you opponents "poker face".

The USB HD DVD player. A "cheap" (no price is set yet) way to upgrade your X360 into a HD DVD player. A cool feature of the HD DVD players in the touted "Hybrid DVD".

Now we have Live Anywhere. Your Live account transends from just you Xbox or X360 and on to your Windows Vista machine or your Window Mobile cell phone. You can send messages, chat, and play games across all three platforms. Here's so quotes from Peter Moore: "Live Anywhere will provide cross-platform possibilities. Just scratiching the surface of mobile gaming. "Start a game on Xbox, continue it on your phone. There are games that will work that way."" and "Buy content once, available on all platofrms. Buy Zuma on Xbox 360 and have access to it on mobile phone -- one Marketplace. Gamercard integrated into mobile phone."

Two other barley mintioned accessories were the wireless headset, and the wireless driving wheel. GTA 4 will also no longer be a Sony exclusive, as a matter of face XBL will have exclusive downloadable content.

By the way, what could this button be for???

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