Thursday, May 11, 2006

~The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend~

In an interview yesterday, Microsoft VP Peter Moore had this to say regarding the PS3's $500-$600 price tag: "Tell me why you would buy a $600 PS3. People are going to buy two (machines.) They're going to buy an Xbox and they're going to buy a Wii... for the price of one PS3."

Can Nintendo and Microsoft fanboys join in the fight against Sony's high console market share? And it would be interesting to see if Nintendo shares the same co-op sentiment. But as for Microsoft, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."
(Via: Joystiq)

One could argue though, that the since the PS3 stole all their ideas from both of these systems, having the PS3 is like having the 360 and Wii! Not only did Sony steal all the best features of these two systems but, they implemented them horribly. The motion sensing controller, "Dual Shake" is horrible and so far only works on one game, PS3's online, HUB, is a copy cat of LIVE. So far they have yet to even talk about this online service though saying, so far, that it's going to be "free" (You pay for what you get) and they are going to let the developers run the servers. As if the developers don't have enough to do, like you know make multi-million dollar games. Now they have to run there own servers too? We saw how well that worked out with the PS2, with all 4 people that had the Network Adapter. Check out this great Wired article about how Sony sucked it up and bombed at E3.

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