Monday, May 22, 2006

The Round-Up On The Wireless Headset.

So here's the pics of the new wireless headset from MS. Major Nelson interviewed the man behind all the accessories for the 360, and here's the lowdown:
  • The 360 was built from the ground up to support 4 wireless controllers and 4 wireless headsets from day one.
  • The headset syncs directly with the Xbox, no dongle nor peripheral is needed.
  • The four LED's in the lower pic show what controller port the headset is sync'd to.
  • The top pic shows the outside of the headset and the silver button is power/mute. (There will supposedly be a clear way to identify that you're muted)
  • Not shown in the pics are the volume up and down buttons.
  • The headset uses a standard rechargable battery that recharges with a standard AC plug.
  • Pricing has yet to be announced as well as the launch date (Fall).
I'll keep you informed with any further info regarding the new accessories.

P.S. No HDMI cable for 360 is announced nor planned. The cables that came with you 360 will work just fine. :-)

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