Tuesday, June 13, 2006

360 Back Compat and Minor Dashboard Updates

Today, the Xbox team unrolled two new updates to the Xbox 360. First was the minor dashboard update, which fixes character recognition for anyone who uses the localized Chinese language. Although a nice fix, there were no new features included in this update.

The second of these updates was the back-compat update, which adds a total of 27 new Xbox titles to the existing 200+ titles that work on the Xbox 360. The update included some of the better titles from the Xbox library such as: Doom3, Lego Star Wars, and Star Wars Battlefront. Also among those titles were six Japanese-only games, and some of the most garbage games ever made for the Xbox.

-The back-compat update includes:-
1. 4x4 EVO 2
2. Amped® 2
3. Bad Boys 2
4. Big Mutha Truckers
5. DOOM 3
6. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
7. Fatal Frame
8. FlatOut
9. Grabbed by the Ghoulies
10. Intellivision Lives
11. LEGO® Star Wars
12. Minority Report
13. MLB SlugFest 20-04
14. The Punisher
15. RalliSport Challenge
16. Silent Hill® 4: The Room
17. Spawn® Armageddon
18. Spider-Man
19. Star Wars Battlefront
20. State of Emergency
21. Zapper
22. Bistro Cupid 1 (Japan Only)
23. Flight Academy (Japan Only)
24. Othello Seminar (Japan Only)
25. Igo Seminar (Japan Only)
26. Shogi Seminar (Japan Only)
27. Mahjong Seminar (Japan Only)

[Via: Major Nelson]

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