Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Time To Get The MS Vista and Office 2007 Beta's.

The Beta's (Test Versions) are out for the new Windows Vista and Office 2007. I'm using both and I gotta say that both are amazing products. Vista is something I don't recommend for someone to use on their main computer, or a main operation system. It works great but there is a driver issue and some programs don't install correctly. But the areo glass feature and the new cool "alt-shift" function (shown above) is a much needed improvement over XP. Office on the other hand is a must. If you use these programs, Word, Excel, or Power Point at all, you need to try this out. They have removed all the drop down boxes. That bar at the top that shows you fonts, sizes, aliment and so forth is all you get. When you click, file, page layout, edit, all that changes is the heading up top. Much more intuitive and nothing get buried in the drop down menu's anymore. Try out Vista here and Office here.

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