Monday, July 17, 2006

Microsoft's "Ultimate Keyboard"

Lights Off...

Lights On...

This is a new keyboard/(mouse combo?) that MS is coming out with. Here's the feature list:

  • Wireless (Bluetooth) 30ft Range.
  • Backlight Keys. That detect ambient light conditions, and even if a person is at the keyboard.
  • Media buttons to control, music, slideshows, or TV controls (for a Media Center PC).
The backlight keys is the feature that I'm most excited about, it's a much needed feature that no keyboards really have at the moment, and the fact that the keys will brighten or dim by themselves or when I walk up to the keyboard... Cool. Here I have it shown in two colors, black and "Brushed Aluminum". Price and street date have yet to be revealed, my guess $200. Check out Microsoft's Flash demo of the keyboard in action, in the link.

(Via: Microsoft!)

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