Sunday, August 13, 2006

allTunes. Bigger, Fast, and Cheaper than iTunes.

If I haven't told you about allTunes yet, I'm sorry. It's the best thing to happen to music since well... Napster. It boasts a library 40% bigger than iTunes, searches happen (almost) instantaneous, and an entire album will cost you a whopping $1.65 instead of $9.99!

The pic above show you how the search works, you start typing and it started filtering.

So when you get to an artist that you want, it show you all their albums, and then all the song in said album. You can buy per song or per album, no monetary penalty either way.

Once you purchase some songs, you then pick the format (MP3, WAV, ACC) and bitrate (128, 160, 320...) you want. The higher the bitrate (Sound Quality) the higher the price, and by higher I mean like $0.06.

Last is the download screen. This shows you your tracks that you've selected and how far along the download process is. Enjoy this while you can, you know the USA is trying to shut down the crazy Russian's that run this site/service.

(Via: allTunes)

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