Monday, August 07, 2006

Round One: Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD

The first run of movie that are available on both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are out, Training Day, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Rumor Has It. While maybe not the most stellar movies, you know all those crazy HD guys were going to have these bad boys side by side for comparison. What did they find? Blu-Ray lost hands down. Aside from the HD-DVD unit taking (WAY) longer to boot up, HD-DVD won in every category. There was some picture cropping on the Blu-Ray disc, that was only really noticeable with the two side by side. If you've just got your $1000 Blu-Ray player by itself you probably won't notice anything. At any rate HD Digest picked HD-DVD as the clear winner with all three movies. For more a more in-depth read follow their link.

(Via: High Def Digest)

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