Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cingular Hates Engadget.

Well now, I guess the good folks over at Cingular are not a big fan of Engadget with all their leaks and early info on their (Cingular) products. Here's what the site I get ALL my new from Engadget has to say:

Oh, Cingular. We know you're pissed at us -- you stopped returning our phone calls a while ago after we posted that product roadmap we got our hands on -- but banning all mention of our name, as well as our URL, from your user forums is a little cheap and heavy-handed, don't you think? Guess you don't want your users making informed decisions about your service. Anyway, we must be doing something right, because here's the message users get when trying to post anything to Cingular's customer forums with the word "engadget" in it.

Update: There is one Engadget mention in an old forum post, but as of Thursday, September 14th, the word "engadget" is still banned!

Cingular's gonna get hell for this...

(Via: Well, Engadget)

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