Saturday, September 23, 2006

Microsoft To Fix All 2005 360's For Free.

Well, well, well. Microsoft has come to terms with their 360 um, mishaps. There was defiantly something wrong with the first batch of 360's that came on the market, claim rushed production, oversights or what have you put something wasn't right. When I first heard of the reports of people 360's "overheating" I thought it was bullshit, and that it was the customers fault, that they (the customers) were placing these unit in less than ideal conditions. Say in a cramped entertainment center with other heat producing hogs. Though I'm sure much the problems people have had with the 360's is their (customers) fault Microsoft has come up to the plate to say that they've had a hand in it too. I personally have two 360's and they have both been replaced twice, for free by Microsoft. While it did suck to have my Xbox's broken, Microsoft repaired each console for free and fast every time. I'm glad MS is stepping up to the plate and help everyone weather or not is was truly their (Microsoft) fault.

(Via: Engadget)

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