Thursday, October 26, 2006

F.E.A.R. Review, and its good news!

IGN have finally reviewed the once higly anticipated (hype for the game seems to have died down of late) first person shooter, F.E.A.R.
It's got a very respectable score, one of the highest 360 scores from IGN to be more specific, coming in with a 9.1.
Things which really impressed the guys over there were the AI, which they say 'provides powerful combat sequences'. I agree, after playing through the demo, one of the biggest things which stuck out for me was how clever the AI was, not 'splinter cell clever' (knowing where you are even though you're the other side a concrete block), but humanly clever - if they're getting pummeled, they retreat, then come back at you from another angle, fantastic for firefights because it keeps you guessing, much alike a multiplayer session.
Also particularly impressive was the sound. The sound effects are all excellent, notably the guns you wield, they all sound wonderfully meaty. But moreso, according to IGN, was the ambience, the creepy sound effects, they 'add volumes to the atmosphere'.
And last but certainly not least, this game keeps you on your toes, why? because it's one scary mother of a game, IGN don't hesitate to tell you that more than a few times during the review.
Hype, they say, will certainly pick up for this game once it hits retail. I for one agree, and am looking forward to picking this game up come it's November release date (can anyone say PS3 launch?) and dipping into the 'Instant Action' mode, which drops you into different situations throughout the single player game and records how well you do, and sticks your statistics onto an Xbox Live leaderboard. Good stuff. See you on the leaderboards.

I hope you've enjoyed my first *proper* post. More to follow when there's actually some blogworthy news flying about.

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