Sunday, November 12, 2006

Like Your iPod? The PS3 Doesn't. (Update)

Even though everyone (like me) loves their iPod, it's a huge bonus to be able to hook it up through my Xbox 360 and play it through my 5.1 stereo with ease. You would think that since Sony is touting the PS3 as this "media hub" you would think that iPod connectivity would be a no brainer right? Wrong. Maybe the Zune will work though...

On a good note, the PS3 HDD base mode (you know it's only $500) has been upgraded from 20gig up to a whopping 120gig! Pretty sweet, now if someone could do it with my 360...

Update: It appears that the PS3 will in fact recognize the iPod and it's file structure and even play your songs, after digging through the tedious (hidden) file structure on the iPod. The problem then lies with Apple, see they "encrypt" the MP3's so you don't know what song is what. For instance: Instead of the file being called say, "Artist - Song.mp3" Apple calls it "TYIGBJW.mp3" See the difference? On top of that, Apple makes up to 50 directories under the main "music" directory labeled A1 - A50. Some directories have 12 files other have 200, there is no rhyme or reason to the dispersion of the files, not by, album, artist, genre, rating... anything. So technically it works, you just don't know what the hell song is going to play... Great.

(Via: Joystiq)

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