Thursday, November 02, 2006

Official Zune Site Launched

Hey it's DannyOB again, this time with something highly controversial, something non-360 related, i know i know, you're outraged, sound off in the comments!
Today the guys in charge of the Zune site announced that their new site has gone live. It's very informative, and looks really slick. I particularly like the above picture, i know that it may not be to most's taste, but something about just says 'cool' to me.
The site covers things from the Accessories, with RRP's i might add, to giving you a run down of the features it has, even showing you social situation's which it could be used in for those who are incabable of doing that themselves (come on, why bother?). Overall, it got me even more annoyed that it's been delayed over here in the UK. Might have to get one imported if it'll work here. Well, Click on any of the links throughout the post to go to the site, Enjoy.
Oh mother of...i nearly forgot...

(Via: MajorNelson)


Jay said...

Hey Dan, I'll buy you a Zune... But it'll cost ya!

DannyOB said...