Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tech Tuesday Episode #1

Well the first show is over. I was a little rough around the edges, and we had some connection problems at the beginning but after the first 20 seconds or so things get rolling. In this episode we talked about being an early adopter of gadgets, starting a blog, faulty X360's, the new 360 accessories, and of course the Zune. The following link takes you to the show, if you left-click on the link it will just play the show in your browsers. If you right-click and save, you can obviously put the MP3 anywhere.

Tech Tuesday Episode 1

Make sure to also listen to the complete show on All Games Interactive.

Again, there is always iTunes.

Thanks for listening.

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DannyOB said...

Good job man. Enjoyed listening to it very much. That guy didn't like buying PGR3 again huh, well, the version that comes with the wheel is optimised for force feedback in conjunction with the wheel. Looking forward to next tueday.