Friday, November 03, 2006

Well, I Guess Sony Is Stupid After All.

This is news to me about PS2 I mean PS3 online:

"This week, some of our deepest fears about Sony's online service were confirmed when Insomniac's Ted Price revealed in an interview that one of the biggest launch titles for the console, Resistance: Fall of Man, is set to use its own buddy list, clan registry, in-game messaging and chat services, and so on. While the game sounds like it has a very extensive and comprehensive range of online gaming options, and it runs on Sony's international network of servers to guarantee a high standard of network performance for online play, the simple fact is that the last hurdle Sony needed to jump has been missed, at least for the launch titles. The central buddy list doesn't integrate into the game; you'll need to add all your friends again to play against them in Resistance. The ball, in other words, has not so much been dropped; it has been hurled at the ground with alarming force..."

Sounds great! A different user name and friends list for every game! Awesome!

(Via: Gamesindustry)

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R2K said...

I DO like your page!

DannyOB said...

Hey you predicted this a while back didn't you. Nice one.