Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Xbox Live Movie Download Service.

Wow, I didn't think this day would come, definitely not before a bigger HDD drive option. You can now rent and download movie, buy TV shows, and get exclusive sports content like NASCAR (Boring). Here's what MS has to say:

Beginning on its first anniversary, November 22, Xbox 360 will become the first gaming console in history to provide HD TV shows and movies directly to gamers in their own living rooms. Xbox 360 gamers will be able to download full-length TV shows to own, and will be able to rent movies via download from the Xbox Live® network, the world leader in online distribution of high-definition gaming and entertainment content. This announcement also brings with it several additional firsts...

Now they don't have just a bunch of third rate crap, look at this line up:

  • The Matrix
  • Superman Returns
  • Batman Forever
  • Mission Impossible III
  • CSI
  • Star Trek
  • Chappelle Show
  • South Park
I say that list is a good start, to bad the hard drive won't fit half that good stuff on it...

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