Thursday, December 07, 2006

Frohman, Gordan Frohman.

My good buddies over at All Games interviewed the man (Chris Livingston) behind the great web comic Concerned on their #199 episode from November 30th. Now I have seen this comic strip before and wish I would have paid more attention to it at the time. It's set in the world of Half-Life 2 using a mod for the game called, Gary's Mod. You can create, destroy, move, manipulate, and pose anything or anyone. Here's what the Gary's Mod website has to say:

"The simplest example is a car. The player spawns an object to be used for the car's body then adds wheels by firing the tool gun at the object. Wheels are then controllable using the numpad on your keyboard.

You don't have to make moving contraptions though - want to build a fort out of wooden crates then set it on fire? Go for it! Want to build a house using fridges for the walls and mattresses for the ceiling then drive a jeep into it all? Go for it!"

HL2's main character is Gordon
Freeman who escapes impossible odds throughout the whole game, as well in every game... Gordan Frohman is the made-up character for the web comic and travels through the whole game as you would with Freeman. The main different between the two men is the fact that Frohman is a complete moron, who gets shot, stabbed, blown up, and eaten numerous times through-out the comic strip. The excerpt above shows one of my favorite clips so far that I've seen, I chose it because you don't have to know anything about HL2 to find it funny... This clip is indicative of games and movies in general. Anyway, check out the comic here, and if you haven't played Half-Life or Half-Life 2, I highly recommend them both... They are both out for the Xbox and PS2, and a X360 version is coming very soon with some updated levels, graphics and of course, and online play via Live.

Find out more about Gary's Mod here.

(Via: HLComic)

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