Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tech Tuesday Episode #4

Episode four was this past Tuesday December 12th my birthday, but that didn't stop me from bring all the info you need to buy your next HDTV. Three different types of TV's were talked about, LCD's, Plasma, and DLP's. LCD's work the best in all light conditions, and don't have the "Burn-in" effect, Plasma's have the best black levels, the best contrast ratio, and the super slim profile, DLP's are the cheapest, and stack up with the Plasma's in picture quality. What's the best TV? To find who got the Tech Tuesday seal of approval you gotta listen.

Make sure to also listen to the complete show on All Games Interactive.

Again, there is always iTunes.

Thanks for listening.

PS. Your vote counts. Over at the All Games Forums I've got a poll going for next weeks show, Next-Gen movie formats. Head over their to vote and discuss who you think will win, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, or maybe Digital Downloads.

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