Saturday, December 23, 2006

Whoo, Bring It On Sucker! (A Terry Tate Showcase)

This. My. Kind. Of. Shit. Hell yeah! I've not has this much FUN watching ending credits for a game since, well, ever.

Private Augustus Cole, the legend to be, has pole-vaulted above the chief as my favourite video game character. Which, in it's own right, is an impressive feat, if you're familiar with my halo fanboyishness.
When i first heard the 'Cole Train' screaming out his hilarious one liners from the bottom of the stairs in Gears of War, i instantly thought, "it's Terry Tate!", which i later found out to be a good call. For those of you not familiar with him, i'll embed a few episodes after the break, don't worry, they're not too long. I love the Terry Tate videos, and still show them to the 'uneducated' to this very day. So i was overjoyed to hear the familiar voice of Lester Speight, the voice and actor behind Terry Tate and the Cole Train. Throughout the game i laughed out loud, along with my buddy playing split screen co op with me, at mostly all the one liners Cole had. And then i get this treat (embedded after the break) after completing the game, wow, thanks epic, it made my evening, and the evening after, and i think even the one after that. I've read many comments, and i think this humour is possibly an acquired taste, but i freaking love it, enjoy!

Gears of War Ending Credits, The Cole Train Way...

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

Terry Tate, OSPN

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