Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Apple iPhone/iPod/PDA/And About 100 Other Fricken Things!

After two years of speculation, rumors, patent filings, Apple has finally brought forth the iPhone, and damn is it sexy.

This is the "Home" screen. The iPhone only has one physical button and it brings you here.



This is text messaging and damn that's a lot cooler than it is on any phone or even any IM client I've ever seen.

This is a demo of Steve sending a pic to the person he's currently talking to, so while you've got your cool Bluetooth headset on you can continue your conversation while you use other functions on your phone.

This is the afore mentioned coolBluetooth headset...

This is just a picture of an Eskimo...


The iPhone has the fully functioning Safari browser built in so you can look at all the pr0n you want!

This demo show Stevie J using Google Maps to locate a Starbucks near the keynote (cool), and then the iPhone automatically pulls the phone number strait from Google Maps (cool) and Steve pranks Starbucks and orders 4000 coffee's to go!

The iPhone is a great product but not a must buy for me... I know, I know, I'm the tech guy that has to buy the latest and greatest tech gadget as soon as they come out. But what I really wanted was the widescreen, touchscreen, iPod... Now I know that the iPhone has that built in, but it maxes out at 8gb and I'm using 85% of my 30gb iPod now, how could I go down to only 8gb? On top of that I don't have Cingular AT&T, so I'd have to switch companies just to use the iPhone. Apple please just give me the true video iPod already...

(Via: Engadget)

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DannyOB said...

Well, I'm bloody getting one!!