Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Xbox 360: Confirmed.

Paul Thurrott, the man behind Windows Weekly and, confirmed on the latest episode of Windows Weekly that the newly announced IPTV function of the Xbox 360 will require a full hardware upgrade, not just a software update. This new 360 will feature motherboard components to support IPTV, a bigger (much needed) hard drive, and the quieter, cooler 65mm chips. Curiously, he said nothing about the inclusion of an HDMI port... This is big news for current 360 owners, is IPTV worth another purchase, especially if it's the only way to get the new bigger HDD? Will you buy one?

Listen to Leo and Paul on Windows Weekly here.


Kent said...

First comment eh heh... No I will not buy another one. If they make a trade up program then maybe I'd consider it.

Jay said...

Would you buy a new HDD?

DannyOB said...

I'd buy a new HDD as long as it was reasonably priced, let's say, a massive size hard drive (100gb+) for what they're charging for the 20gb at the moment. I don't know about other people though...?