Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Netflix + Microsoft?

It looks like Microsoft and Netflix may soon be joining forces. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, joined MS's board of directors today. Now this could mean nothing, but more than likely this is a win, win situation for both companies. Since Xbox 360 rules the (HD) movie download space and Netflix rules the online rental space a merger of sorts would benefit these two companies and unlikely enough... the consumer! Microsoft could really benefit from all of Netflix's clout with the MPAA to get a lot more HD content onto the marketplace, at least we can all hope.

(Via: Engadget)


SpE said...

NetFlix has also announced that will not be taking sides in the HD format war, that is, they are already starting to stock both BlueRay and HD-DVD. I think NetFlix and MS could both benefit form some sort of partnership to take movie downloads to the next level, but would this mean hurting relations with Sony since Microsoft is pushing HD-DVD?

BTW, great blog.
-SpE kfit.blogspot.com

Jay said...

Netflixs' adoption of HD (HD DVD in my case) is the only reason I haven't switched to Blockbuster Online. I've rented almost every HD DVD they carry. I think MS has played it safe in saying they could come out with a Blu-Ray drive if they wanted...

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