Sunday, April 01, 2007

My New Phone: The Samsung M620 "Upstage".

Here's the newest (Samsung) phone in my long history with Sprint, how about a recap: the 6100, A460, N400, A500, VGA 1000 (Some of you might be familiar with this), A700,and the A900. Now the M620 makes lucky number eight and to be clear, they have all been great phones I just have a bit of a turn over ratio... You know like 10 cars in 11 years of driving, but I really like my newest one.

I've got some pics of my new toy below:

The "Front" Phone side.

The "Back" iPod side.

This shows the flip button, to flip between sides, along with the hold/lock button.

This is interesting, this picture is of the included "battery wallet" that extends continuous talk time by 6 hours. The phone does NOT have a removable battery, and some people really bitched about that but the phone has a rather good battery life anyway, amazing compared to my last phone (A900) that wouldn't even last a whole day. At any rate, it's really nice and a great free accessory that they could have easily charged $80 bucks for.

These last shots were comparing my "old" A900 to the M620, as you can tell it's a lot smaller. It's about half the height and half as thick, I feel like I'm talking on Derek Zoolander's phone!

Now, compared to the iPod and iPod Nano you can kinda get a feel for its size. As wide as the Nano and as tall/thick as the iPod it is truly a tiny device.

So far I'm enjoying it, it's small but that not a bad thing. If you looked at all my other phones you'd notice that this is my first non-flip phone, so it'll take some getting used to but I'll be ok.

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