Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Take Off Work May 16th, The Halo 3 Beta Is Here.

The news the whole world has been waiting for is finally here, the Halo 3 beta will begin at 0500 PDT, May 16th.

The above video show off some amazing new features in Halo 3 such as, the "Bubble Shield" that puts you inside a protective bubble that blocks bullets and grenades... I'm assuming that any player can walk in and out of it, so be weary cause guys can walk right into your bubble and blast your ass. Another new grenade is the "Trip Mine", now this isn't so much a grenade as it is a mine, you just drop it and the unlucky bastard that walks or drives over it (as in the video) will be waiting for their next respawn.

The coolest new feature in H3 is the new replay mode. You can now save, share, and watch your previous games over and over again. From my understanding it's going to work just like a Madden replay, where you can follow a certain player or the ball or just zoom around. Imagine watching replays of the last game and being able to see where "that guy" was hiding or watch your headshot in slo-mo, it's gonna be the shit.

If this video and news doesn't make you want to go buy a 360 nothing will, except maybe watching this video in high def on my Xbox 360... This little web version isn't nearly as impressive as the HD version on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Get yourself a 360 and a copy of Crackdown now, because once you play Halo 3 you won't be going back to Halo 2.

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