Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Did I Miss Something?

Update 1: Well someone in the Joystiq comments figured out that if you plug a USB keyboard in and then press the Windows Key + M you get the overlay. At least we got someway to do it till the TID drops.

For the past several weeks since the leak about the Spring '07 update for the 360 came out, everyone has been talking about messenger. More specifically about this (pictured above) cool overlay that is was going to be on top of whatever you were doing: in the dash, playing a game, watching a movie or video. It sounded great but where the hell is it? I've got the update, I've used Messenger and regular Xbox chat and no overlay box... I even tried watching a video and playing a game while IMing thinking that was the problem, nope. So the way it works is I just receive IM's or Xbox texts the same way I always did, lame. The only thing I can come up with is that you need the new Text Input Device (TID) that will be out shortly. I sure hope that's the case because as it stands now, IMing on the 360 is lame.

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