Saturday, May 19, 2007

Track your 360 Activity!

Thanks to 360friendspot! Yeah I know, it's a bizarre name, but with bizarre names come cool features. On their site is something called 'LiveEye', I've been registered with it for a few weeks now, on a trial period if you like, and much to the dismay of Jay and my lack of telling him about it, it's really quite good. Just sign up your gamertag to it and it will begin tracking all your activity on your 360 as long as you are logged into XboxLive, which if you're like me or Jay, will be whenever your within a 10 foot radius of your beloved 360!
It has records an impressive amount of statistic about your game time, like how long you've been on each and every game in your collection, and also pits you up against everyone else who's signed up in terms of gametime. For example, there's a guy who's played the Halo 3 beta like 48 more hours more than everyone else - hardcore? You damn right it is!
Here's the link to sign up for yourself!

(LiveEye on 360friendspot)

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Jay said...

Hey thanks for the info!