Friday, June 08, 2007

Halo 3 To Be On Two Discs?

This is an official image of the Halo 3 Collectors Edition that includes three discs: Game disc #1, game disc #2, and a bonus features disc. So there's going to be two games disc then? There has been some hot debates about why there would be two discs, is it campaign on one and multiplayer on the other? Is multiplayer on both and campaign is spread across both discs? Does the first disc include single and multiplayer and the second disc has the rumored map editor??? Who knows. Why Bungie and/or Microsoft would release this image with any info is beyond me.


StarDrummer said...

It's an internal release mistake. The second disk is an Xbox executable file (like a DVD menu type thing) that allows the footage to be shown in HD and the like. The game itself will be on one disk.

Jay said...

Yeah, just read the WWUD and found out all the news. Thanks for the tip!