Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Custom iPhone Ringers.

For anyone out there with an iPhone, a Windows PC, and a desire to have a real ringtone and not just standard "crickets" that comes on the iPhone (it really does!), boy have I got news for you! The super long obviously names "iPhoneRingToneMaker" does just what it says. You can take your own MP3's and cut 'em into 30 second chunks and send them right to the iPhone. Now some of you out there might not think that this is a big deal, either because the only ringtone you want is this one (which is on the iPhone), or because you didn't know what a pain in the ass custom iPhone ringers used to be. Anyway, this is a great cheap ($10) product that really works like it says it does.

This $10 dollars will be well spent in a month or two when iTunes starts selling ringtones for $1.99 a piece...

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