Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Halo 3 News.

Tons of official Halo 3 news got released this week by Bungie and several media outlets. I let you check out IGN and Bungie for all their coverage, but I'll bring you some nice screens of some new maps and armor types.

"Last Resort" AKA: Zanzibar. This map has been reworked and is much bigger, Zanzibar was one of my favorites from H2 so this is great new for me.

This is Epitaph, a huge Forerunner structure that makes for very close combat situations. I'm excited about this map because I'm all about the close quarter combat.

This is one of the new armor types the chest, helmet, and shoulder plates are different. If you ask me he looks a little Boba Feta-ish to me.

Now this one is just god aweful, he looks like a bug, I'll enjoy killing people wearing this.

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