Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just Another Concert In The Loop.

I went to the Ari Hest concert tonight and it was a great show. Shown above is "Beatle Bob" he goes to every show in and around The Loop and proceeds to, um,. "dance" like a mad man throughout the whole show. At one point at the end of the show a girl went up and danced with him and Ari started laughing in the middle of the song (along with the audience), but Ari quickly got his composure back and picked the song back up. You gotta check out Beatle Bob's Documentary trailer and his Myspace page too, it's a hoot!

On a side note the opening act was my former basketball coaches son, Scott Porter. Scott is a great new up and coming artist so check out his Myspace page and give him a listen.

(Update) I've added the Beatle Bob Documentary trailer above. A quick search on YouTube reveals dozens of videos that people have posted, look if you dare!

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