Sunday, September 16, 2007

Come See The Master Chief Monument .

If you head on over to the official Halo 3 website and click on the Chief's head it will take you on a virtual tour of the amazing Spartan 117 memorial (the Chief ain't dead yet folks...) monument. The pictures above and below will show you just how massive this battle scene really is.

Not to spoil the fun but these are the last two scenes in the 3D tour of the diorama, the top pictures shows a Brute holding what looks like a defeated Master Chief. Now what you can't see from this screen shot is that the Chief is holding a pulsating Plasma Grenade.

The next shot as you fly around the diorama, is a close-up of the Chief's head as he looks up strait at you... Then boom, the diorama swoops back to the beginning.

Bungie has confirmed that this is not the last scene from Halo 3, or if it's even in Halo 3 for that matter. Nun the less, make sure you check out the impressive diorama either virtually or in person, apparently it's going to be traveling around the country for some viewing.

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