Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Slew Of New iPods.

To no one's surprise Apple released a slue of new iPods today.

The biggest news is the new iPod touch. This is basically the iPhone minus the phone. So really there's nothing new to talk about other than a storage upgrade, the touch comes in 8GB ($299) and 16GB ($399).

Now the big news is the new WiFi iTunes Store. Now you can buy and download iTunes music anywhere you have WiFi right to your iPod or iPhone. Next time you sync your iPod/iPhone the music you bought gets transfered to your computer, simple as that. Now it's even easier to spend all your money!

Speaking of money, Apple also announced new pricing on the iPhone they are discontinuing the 4GB and dropped its price to a unbelievable $299 while they last. The 8GB has likewise seen a huge price cut and is now "only" $399 and you can get them refurbished on Apple's site for $350! To think that I paid $600 a few months ago leaves a bad taste in my mouth... I know there's a price to pay to be an early adopter but damn, a 42% price drop in 3 months is crazy.

Now since 16GB might still not be enough for some people Apple has decided to keep the old form factor iPods around, now called iPod classic. They come in two sizes and two colors: 80GB ($250) and 160GB ($350) both are available in black or silver.

Believe it or not this is the new iPod Nano, dubbed the Nano "Phatty", by bloggers such as myself that think the new Phatty is super ugly. I'll reserve my ultimate judgment on it till I see one in person, but I like the current Nano much better.

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