Sunday, October 14, 2007

How To Improve The PS3's Framerate.

Over at PS3 Fanboy, they have a post up that deals with the apparent crap-tacular framerate of the PS3. With me not wishing a PS3 on my worst enemy owning a PS3 I have never heard of this being an issue. Here's the list:
  1. Set the BD/DVD upscaler off
  2. Set the HDMI 24fps off
  3. HDMI audio set should be put on bitstream
  4. Turn off that PS3 upscaler/smoother
  5. Disable: system display notify, media server, all other automatic settings ... if you're not playing a game online, go ahead and sign off the PSN.

So in other words, totally nerf your PS3. Turn off all the features that make the PS3, look good, sound good, connected to the internet, and have any other features other than gaming.

The PS3 is sounding better and better everytime I read a new story, like hey no more backwards compatability! Smart move Sony! Remove one of your most touted features!

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