Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Look At Google Reader.

As you might notice I've added yet more crap another widget to the sidebar on the blog, it shows you my last 5 Google Reader stories that I've enjoyed. If you're not familiar with Google Reader, it's a simple RSS feed reader that gives you one place to go to catch up with all your favorite websites (like Adidat).

The above picture is the basic layout of my Reader, on the left it shows you all the sites that I am watching (Digg, Engadget, Joystiq, TUAW, etc...) The sites that are highlighted have stories that I haven't read yet, along with a corresponding number next to the name with the amount of stories I have to read still.

Now just this alone would be nice, but gReader gives you plenty of options with each story. You can 'Star' a story just as you would an email in gMail so that way you can go back and see all the stories you starred as a way to bookmark them. The next option is the ability to 'share' an item, which what the new widget is showing you on the blog, all of my shared stories. The third option is email, this simply gives you the option to email the story to your friends. The email option is great because it integrates seamlessly with gMail, so all I have to do is start typing a few letters of someones name or their email and it bring up a list with corresponding names and emails.

So why don't you go give gReader a try, you can go to one site to catch up on everything you've missed for the past hours/days from all your favorite sites.

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