Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Halo 3 'Heroic Map Pack' Announced.

Bungie announced on Monday (after weeks of taunting) that three new maps will be hitting Halo 3 on December 11th for 800 MS points ($10 dollars).

The first map above is Standoff, "We wanted a small, outdoor, vehicle map. It started out simple enough. 2 relatively small bases seperated by a landscape of hills and rocks. Good visibility and quick access to the Warthog parked right out front. And a turret on top for defensive types. After that, the rest just built itself."

The middle pic with the Pelican is Rats Nest, it looks to be my style of map due to it's got a lot of smaller, tighter combat spaces. Perfect for the shotty...

The last map is Foundry and I'll let Bungie tell you about it:

Q: Foundry is completely different from any map Bungie has made for a Halo game, how so?

CB: Foundry was designed from the beginning to be a Forge level. There is an almost limitless amount of potential map designs that can be made by arranging objects in different configurations.

You can remake Hang ‘Em High out of crates. Kind of.

SC: The second you see someone delete the entire level in Forge, you realize the potential a space like this has. The default layout Tyson put together is great, but the possibilities are definitely greater.


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