Thursday, January 31, 2008

Halo 3 Screen Shots: A Collection.

This was one of the first pics I took with Halo 3's built-in film clip/screen shot maker.

I went off a ramp and (most) of the enemy came with me.

The Spartan Shield, the newest piece of equipment. Maybe not, but that trip mine is at just the right angle.

And right as I got on the Mongoose...

The most current iteration of my Spartan.

Poor bastard, he never saw it coming.

This is how I spawned?! To a Warthog flying over me and a Chopper almost running me over.

This one really shows off the lighting effects, and the damage of the spike grenade.

This is some physics fun with the 'rag-doll' effects in Halo 3. I didn't know Spartans were so limber.

For some reason I really like this pic. I drove off a cliff just as my teammate saved me from that turret.

StL Oak, this ones for you. I know you're looking to get this helmet and shoulder pads, so let me know if you need help with an achievements.

As you may have notices, I now how the privilege of sporting the gamertag's of the 'Give Me A Kiss' clan here on Adidat, Peon's to Overlords.


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