Thursday, March 06, 2008

iPhone 2.0. Now With (Official) Games & Apps!

After much anticipation and hype around Apple's iPhone, it's no surprise that developers have been chomping at the bit to build applications for it. Today Apple outlines its plan to release a Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers.

Apple is offering a "beta" version of the SDK today on their developer website so developers can get their apps or games! ready for when Apple is ready to distribute them via Apple's new App's Store.

Through the App Store, developers have the choice to set their price on their creation and even give them away for free. The best part is the devs get to keep 70% of the revenue! Apple is even handling the credit card fee's and transactions, hosting and bandwidth costs, along with marketing and promotions.

The App Store is setup much like the iTunes Store on the iPhone. You can access it from either WiFi or AT&T's EDGE network. You be able to browse apps through several categories: featured, top rated, bookmarked, and plain ol' search.

Much to the surprise of many people Apple announced that gaming is going to be a (big) part of this SDK release. With big names like EA and SEGA bringing big titles like Spore (that game is everywhere!!!) and Super Monkey Ball (of Wii fame) the iPhone is looking like a gamers dream.

Above is Spore in action. You start out as a single celled organism and work your way to space flight and beyond. From non-other than Will Wright, of Sim City (Sims) fame.

One of the most asked for apps was is instant messaging, and AOL was touting their AIM client running on an iPhone at the conference today. This looks to be a perfect match for those who have to be in constant contact with their 'buddies'.

In a big coup for the corporate market, Apple has said that they are bringing Microsoft's ActiveSync and Exchange server support to the iPhone. Which should be enough to push businesses over the edge since now corporate email will work with the iPhone.

Version 2.0 of the iPhone software is promised to be released in late June, which is the update that will enable all this new app goodness. I can't wait.


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