Thursday, April 10, 2008


I searched the globe (well maybe just Best Buy and a bit of the internet) for some small, sexy, great sounding laptop speakers, and at first I could find any. All the ones I looked at were either 2.1 (with a sub) which I didn't want, or they were just too damn big. Even the Apple Store didn't have anything I wanted. Gasp!

So finally as I was leaving another failed attempt at Best Buy, I got a helpful (for once) salesmen who knew just was I was looking for. He pointed me to the Logitech V20 USB speakers, which are perfect for my needs. I don't need great speakers just something better than the built-in speakers on my MacBook. With these being USB powers makes them even more awesome, a fact I didn't even know till I got them out of the box! So no power cord to mess with, light weight, very portable, and sounds great. Just what I was looking for.


Here's link to Logitech's website for the V20.

Here's a Pricegrabber link that has them for only $44 bucks! I paid $65!


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